Snake Plant Green 6″

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The Details

The Sansevieria Laurentii is also known as the snake plant. To be honest, we don’t get it. Snakes can’t stand up. Snakes throw hissy fits, and snake plant is as chill as a cucumber. Snakes crawl, and snake plant doesn’t crawl. Snakes always show up on planes, and snake plant hates planes. All slithering aside, the snake plant is also called a ‘mother in law’s tongue’ because of how sharp the tips of their leaves are. Get it? Get it?! Anyway, this African plant is truly one of the easiest to maintain, which makes this plant really popular. Snake plant purifies your air but be careful with Fifi and Felix (pets)… this snake has some poisonoussss juiccccce. By Plantsome. 

Pot size- Pot has a diameter of 15 cm
Watering Schedule- Very little water needed

Repotting requirements- Repot once every 3 years
Current Approx. Height- 45 cm tall, including pot
Light requirements- Anywhere

Pets- Toxic

Fertilizing requirements- Not needed
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